CO2-performance ladder

The Cordeel Group and a large number of its subsidiaries are committed to lowering CO2 emissions. This is in the context of our mission, which reads as follows: “Building a passionate CO2-free future”. The CO2 performance ladder offers us the perfect standard for realising this in practice.

This page contains further information about our CO2 footprint, our campaigns and targets, as well as a list of the initiatives in which we participate within the sector or our chain.

For more information about the CO2 performance ladder and general publications, please visit the SKAO website.

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Policy statement

See our policy statement here (only available in Dutch).

Policy statement 2021-2024

Reduction targets

View the CO2 reduction targets here (only available in Dutch).

Reduction targets

Emission reports

View our semi-annual publications related to the progress of actions and the CO2-footprint here (only available in Dutch).

Q1-Q4 2020 Emission reports


View our participation in chain and sector initiatives here (only available in Dutch).



View the energy management action plan here (only available in Dutch).