Construction partner from idea to maintenance

Every company operating under the Cordeel Group NV banner excels in its specific area of expertise. We work together or independently to create sustainable, future-proof solutions for our clients' complex requirements.


Cordeel (kleur)

The Cordeel story began in Belgium back in 1934. With an uncompromising focus on personal attention, quality, service and long-term relationships, our family-owned business has grown to become a pan-European construction group with footholds in Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Serbia and with reference projects in France, Germany, Romania and the UK. Cordeel operates from various offices in Belgium and the Netherlands and in Wallonia we are active under the name Bernard Construction.

Cordeel takes on almost any type of project, whether housing, commercial or industrial. We are active across the industrial and petrochemistry, logistics, offices, civil and hydraulic engineering, shipyards, culture, healthcare, sports and education sectors. As a full service provider with our own production facilities for prefab concrete, reinforcement steel, metalworking and carpentry, we handle the entire construction process from idea to maintenance.

Baeck Cladding NV

Logo: Baeck Cladding nv

Baeck Cladding NV is a growing medium-sized company that specialises in roofing and cladding for industrial premises, sports facilities and office buildings. Active in Belgium and the Netherlands, the company boasts many years of experience and a wealth of technical expertise. Its acquisition by Cordeel Group NV in early 2019 marks a new chapter in a collaboration that goes back more than 30 years. With Baeck part of the Cordeel family, we can now also offer in-house roof and wall panel installation services.

Geelen Bouwbedrijf B.V.


Founded in 1893, Geelen focuses on real estate construction, renovation and maintenance. This family-owned business is innovative when it comes to sustainable total solutions and traditional when it comes to impeccable quality. Cordeel Group NV acquired a stake in the company in 2013 and Geelen became a full member of the group in 2017. Geelen works independently, retaining its own identity, from its office in Neer and ensures that Cordeel is well represented in the southeast of the Netherlands.



Imtech België NV designs, construct, and operates technical systems for buildings and industrial premises. The company’s strength lies in tailor-made solutions and integrated project management. Imtech was founded almost 160 years ago and was split up in 2015 when the Dutch group filed for bankruptcy. Cordeel Group NV acquired Imtech België NV. As smart buildings become the norm, the need for innovative technical installations is increasing. With Imtech’s multi-technical expertise, it can provide complete solutions for technical building services.

NLT-Pivaco Group


Founded in 2002, NLT-Pivaco is Belgium's market leader in industrial stainless steel piping installations. The company handles all aspects of a project, from engineering and construction to maintenance, for the food, brewery, pharmacy and chemistry sectors. With a large team of specialists in Belgium and the Netherlands, NLT-Pivaco is an ideal partner for both construction firm Cordeel and technical installation specialist Imtech, which has a 50% interest in the company.

Vita Groep

VITA group

Vita Groep was founded by Cordeel to develop and run sports complexes. In addition to Cordeel, the partnership includes Slangen+Koenis Architects, swimming pool technology engineer Hellebrekers and operational management specialist Farys. Together, the partners strive to develop innovative concepts for sports facilities and swimming pools that meet municipal requirements and respect existing environments..