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Cordeel Group has grown to become a major European player in the construction industry, and now oversees a number of companies, alliances and joint ventures. Cordeel Group is much more than a construction company. It is the one-stop partner for the complete construction process. The companies that operate under the Cordeel Group banner are each highly specialised in their own field. We work together or independently to create sustainable, future-proof solutions for our clients’ complex requirements. From this broad expertise, we take care of the complete construction process from design and technical support to completion and maintenance.

C-construct: Full-service provider in construction and finishings

With its broad experience in construction services, C-construct is able to handle the entire construction process from initial idea to after-care and maintenance. In-house production guarantees quality and flexibility.

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Our in-house production and assembly facilities for prefab concrete, reinforcement steel, metalworking, carpentry, façade cladding and modular bathroom units, guarantee high quality construction work and a streamlined construction process without unnecessary delays.

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C-tech: Multi-technical solution providers

As smart buildings become the norm, the need for innovative technical installations is increasing. With our C-tech companies and a strong focus on tailor-made solutions and integrated project management, we are well positioned to meet this need. We can design and install even the most complex multi-technical installations such as HVAC, electricity, sanitary, piping, security systems and maintenance.

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C-energy: Innovating to make truly green energy

Building a passionate CO₂-free future, this is the mission from which C-energy was born. As an independent entity of the Cordeel Group, C-energy develops new sustainable technologies and applications that must provide an answer to the energy transition and all the challenges that this entails.

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Our companies

C-living: Experts in real estate and sports infrastructure

As the real estate division of Cordeel Group, C-living focuses on the purchase or real estate development of projects, grounds and buildings, for logistics, manufacturing and residential purposes. Within C-living, Vita Group is a specialist in the development, design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of sports complexes and swimming pools in the public sector.

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C-innovation: Innovation put into practice

C-innovation is engaged in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable products. These are the result of our mission 'Transforming the future as the fastest builder by focussing on innovation to create smart, energy-efficient and low-carbon solutions'. They are the continuation of extensive R&D and innovation, both through our own C-innovation and C-energy divisions as well as through close partnership with our partners.

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