Passion for building since 1893

Cordeel Geelen builds and renovates in all market sectors of utility and residential construction. It manages all aspects of your building project from design to completion and maintenance. Cordeel Geelen is also responsible for maintenance, renovation and damage repair.

Whether we are building homes, creating a state-of-the-art warehouse or replacing a ceiling, what matters is not what we build, but for whom we build. Because Cordeel Geelen does not supply building concepts, but customized solutions. To live, to provide care, to provide education or to let your business grow. 

Cordeel Geelen continues to build on a long tradition of craftsmanship every day. The family business was founded in 1893 by Peter Jacobus Geelen. The constant attention to sustainable quality brought growth and increasingly large-scale projects. From the ring furnaces and factory chimneys of a century ago to the showrooms, care complexes, warehouses, production halls, office buildings and homes of today.

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