Your career track

We invest in our people by offering training, on-the-job learning tracks and personal development plans to keep our employees on top of their game, motivated and engaged.

'To invest in people, prioritize education' is a statement that we act upon at Cordeel Group.
We offer different learning and career tracks depending on the applicant's or employee's specific career phase and needs.

Students and job seekers

We invest in trainings to bring knowledge and (personal) growth by offering different on-the-job learning tracks for students and job seekers.

  • Dual learning
  • Individual vocational training (IBO-contract)
    You follow on-the-job training for 1 to 6 months. You don't need to have experience, a healthy dose of motivation and some basic skills needed for the job you apply for are however required.  Upon successful completion of your IBO, we can offer you a fixed-term or permanent contract.
  • Vocational immersion internship (BIS-contract)
    Want to do an internship in a company but no longer have a student status? We can offer a vocational immersion internship, a 6-month paid internship at our company. It is not an employment contract, but a training contract, where you can learn skills and competences on the job.
  • Regular internships

Experienced professionals

For those who already have a track record on the labor market, we encourage continuous learning by offering personal development plans and extended training. In 2022, no less than 16.580 hours of training was given to our employees.

Furthermore, we believe in placing the right people, in the right place. Thanks to our internal mobility policy, there is always an opportunity for a new challenge.

Young potentials

During a 12-month Young Potential Programme, selected newly graduates can try out different key roles within the company (pilot company: Cordeel Belgium) in order to make an informed choice according to your strengths and interests.

Onboarding (see video below)

New colleagues are welcomed at our company's HQ for an introduction and official welcome. During this monthly onboarding day, new employees are immerged into the company structure, culture, goals, way of working and guided around the headquarters.

Furthermore, all new colleagues will be assigned a C-coach, a mentor that will guide and support them during the first months at the company.

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