Innovating to make truly green energy

Building a passionate CO₂-free future, this is the mission from which C-energy was born. As an independent entity of the Cordeel Group, C-energy develops new sustainable technologies and applications that must provide an answer to the energy transition and all the challenges that this entails.

Faced with rising energy prices and the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions, in 2021 Cordeel created a new division,
C-energy. Its innovative solutions cover all aspects of energy management, storage, optimisation and trading to deliver Energy-as-a-Service, fully tailored to specific needs and a budget, along with a unique, patented concept for energy storage.

C-energy is the one-stop-shop answer to your company’s energy needs. Our vast network of qualitative partners and the ecosystem of the Cordeel Group allow us to take a pioneering role and shape the future of energy management today and into the future. We have all the in-house expertise and solutions to design and implement a pioneering energy management strategy.

Our goal? Higher profits for our customers and, above all, a more sustainable future for all of us.

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