Cordeel started out in 1934 as a local carpentry business and has since grown to become a European player with various companies and shareholdings. Thanks to its pool of knowledge and skills, Cordeel Group NV is able to serve clients across all aspects of the construction process.
  1. 1934

    Founding of Cordeel

    19-year-old Ghislain Cordeel founds his carpentry business in Sint-Niklaas (BE). It marks the beginning of the Cordeel Group’s rich history.

  2. 1953

    Sole proprietorship becomes group

    When his sons Dirk and Marc join the company, Ghislain Cordeel converts his sole proprietorship into the public limited company Cordeel Gebroeders NV. The family business rapidly develops into a group of construction companies.

  3. 1979

    The next generation

    Ghislain Cordeel transfers leadership of the company to his sons Dirk and Marc Cordeel.

  4. 1989

    Acquisition of Vangronsveld

    Cordeel acquires Limburg company Vangronsveld (BE) and develops this business into a second Belgian branch.

  5. 1990-1999

    Expansion to the Netherlands, Germany and France

    Cordeel opens its first foreign branch: Cordeel BV in the Netherlands. Activities in Germany and France follow.

  6. 1994

    Third generation joins the company

    Filip Cordeel, son of Marc, joins the executive board.

  7. 1997

    Vangronsveld demerger

    Vangronsveld is split into Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt and Beton Vangronsveld.

  8. 1999

    Expansion to Bulgaria

    Founding of Cordeel Bulgaria in Sofia.

  9. 1999-2003

    Acquisition and incorporation of Mabuwat

    To boost the growth of its Dutch activities, Cordeel acquires Dutch contractor Mabuwat BV. In 2003, full integration of Mabuwat within the group is achieved and, in the Netherlands, Cordeel continues under the name Cordeel Nederland BV.

  10. 2003

    Purchase and redevelopment of Boelwerf shipyard in Temse

    Cordeel takes a stake in Nieuw Temse NV, which purchases the former Boelwerf shipyard in Temse (BE) and redevelops it into housing and business premises.

  11. 2011

    New-build office in Zwijndrecht

    Cordeel Netherlands moves into its new office building in Zwijndrecht.

  12. 2013

    Geelen Vastgoed & Bouw takeover

    Cordeel acquires an interest in Dutch family-owned business Geelen Vastgoed & Bouw. In 2017, Cordeel acquires full ownership.

  13. 2015

    Founding of Cordeel Serbia

    Cordeel expands its activities in Eastern Europe and establishes Cordeel Serbia.

  14. 2015

    Acquisition of Imtech Belgium

    Cordeel acquires Imtech Belgium: the group now has its own installation company.

  15. 2016

    Start construction Vita Scheldebad in Temse

    As a partner in the Vita Group, Cordeel begins construction of the Vita Scheldebad swimming pool complex in Temse (BE).

  16. 2017

    Start of construction new head office

    Construction begins on the new head office above the dry dock of the former Boelwerf shipyard on the Zaat site in Temse (BE).

  17. 2018

    New Cordeel office in Terneuzen

    Cordeel Netherlands opens a new branch in Terneuzen and reinforces its presence in the southwestern Netherlands.

  18. 2018

    Interest in NLT-Pivaco

    Via Imtech, Cordeel acquires a 50% interest in NLT-Pivaco, the Belgian market leader in industrial stainless steel piping installations.

  19. 2019

    Acquisition of Baeck Industrial Cladding

    With the acquisition of Baeck Industrial Cladding, Cordeel expands its production facilities to include wall and roof cladding.

  20. 2019

    Opening of new head office

    Cordeel opens its new head office above the dry dock of the former Boelwerf shipyard in Temse (BE).

  21. 2019

    Founding of C-fire

    Production of innovative and ecological firefighting products and systems with minimal impact on people, the environment and animals.

  22. 2021

    Founding of C-living

    As the real estate branch within Cordeel Group, C-living focuses on the acquisition and real estate development of project land for logistics and residential purposes.

  23. 2021

    Founding of C-energy

    The development of new sustainable technologies and applications to respond to the energy transition and all its challenges.

Headed for the future

The companies that make up Cordeel Group are constantly developing in terms of knowledge, skills and capacity. By working together, we can deliver even more added value for our clients both now and in the future.