New energy-neutral building for Antwerp's operational city services

On the Havanasite in the north of Antwerp, a new energy-neutral building will soon arise. It will serve as the main base for most of the operational services of the city of Antwerp. The realization of this new building has been awarded to Team 't Noord, consisting of Cordeel Belgium, Van Roey, Binst architects, and AAVO architects.

The outdated warehouses on the northern site will be demolished, making way for a cutting-edge new building. It will consist of a vehicle center, parking, indoor and outdoor storage space, offices, changing rooms, and other supporting facilities, covering almost 60,000 square meters. The project, named 'Technische Cluster Noord' will become the new workplace for around 600 people who currently work in often outdated buildings.

Sustainable desig

A sustainable design is the cornerstone of the project. To achieve this, the GRO tool developed by agentschap Facilitair Bedrijf of the Flemish Government is utilized. Through a wide range of sustainability aspects and the integration of circular principles, it provides guidance for creating a future-oriented building. The new building is expected to attain an exceptional rating on the GRO sustainability meter, striving to be both fossil-free and energy-neutral. Additionally, it will prioritize passive measures to significantly minimize energy consumption.

Vertical integration

In addition to Cordeel Belgium, sister company Imtech will join forces in constructing the carbon-neutral building, with Imtech taking charge of electrical installations.


Commencing in the spring of 2025, the project is projected to conclude by the summer of 2027.

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