Building services for new KU Leuven laboratory

New build Rega Research Institute

The Rega Institute for Medical Research of Leuven University is a centre for microbiological, immunological and medicinal chemical research. Imtech Belgium was responsible for the electrical and mechanical services for this new building which must comply with the most stringent biosecurity requirements.

Project properties

Project name
New build Rega Research Institute
Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
20,000 m²
Van Looy Group (now Exilab)

Fully automated research

The new build includes a biosecurity laboratory (600 m2) where fully automated research takes place 24/7. This includes research on level BLS4: the highest level for biosecurity. The centre further includes various laboratories, a laboratory animal centre, offices, a basement car park, a restaurant, conference rooms, classrooms and an auditorium that can seat 180 people.

Multi-technical installation including feasibility study

In this high-security area, Imtech Belgium was responsible for fully equipping the cleanrooms and ensuring proper distribution of special gasses: nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, oxygen and compressed air. Imtech also installed the fire safety facilities, including conduits, electricity, the building management system and automated controls, and took care of the CHP (combined heat and power cogeneration, steam and air conditioning) as well as plumbing: drainpipes, pipes for cold, hot and softened water, pressure-booster systems, a rainwater system and, of course, sanitary facilities.