Steel structure new head office

Cordeel places new headquarters on dry dock former Boelwerf. The Temsese firm Cordeel will provide a technical challenge this weekend by placing its new headquarters on the former dry dock of the Boelwerf. Large cranes lift the pre-assembled 100-meter-long building in the right position.

16 January 2018

After intensive preparations, construction company Cordeel, currently also involved in the construction of the long-awaited new swimming pool in Temse, is ready to place its new headquarters at De Zaat. The inventive building gets a place above the dry dock of the former shipyard. It will be a complicated operation because the building of 100 meters long, 26 meters wide and a steel beam of 1,200 tons, will get a place at 14 meters above the ground floor and 20 meters above the water level. This weekend the crucial moment arrives. "The building was first assembled on the ground floor by the company Aertssen.This weekend cranes placed the building in the right position above the dry dock.That is a spectacular operation, which requires a lot of professional knowledge", says project manager Gert Hoefnagels. It is no coincidence that the new building towers on two pillars above the dry dock. "The dry dock is currently not in use but by building 20 meters above the water level, we keep all possible options open for a possible later completion of the dry dock."

The for that time ultra-modern drying and equipment dock on the Boelwerf was with its length of 560 meters and width of 55 meters the longest dry dock in the world. It was possible that at the same time two large ships were built in the dry dock. After the bankruptcy of the Boelwerf and the realization of residential and SME zone De Zaat, the dry dock was empty. Now Cordeel, which is transferring all its activities from industrial zone TTS to De Zaat, is taking care of a separate realization that reminds us of the daring pieces that the then shipbuilders realized. This is possible because Cordeel also has a high-performing metal department in addition to its prefab concrete plant. "Years of knowledge and expertise enabled our construction company to fabricate this ingenious impressive steel structure in-house," Cordeel says. "The architectural iconic headquarters of Barco in Kortrijk, built by Cordeel, was already a technological highlight of steel, so Cordeel is not up to his test piece and the metal department has also shown its strongest side here. organizational complexity of on-site assembly is far from easy."

Source: Het Nieuwsblad

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