Cordeel Group signs Green Deal Inland Shipping

Cordeel Group is delighted to announce its participation in the Green Deal for Inland Shipping. By embracing inland shipping for its logistical needs, Cordeel Group aims to reduce carbon emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and promote eco-friendly practices within the construction and shipping industry.

The Green Deal for Inland Shipping is ready to usher in a new, green era for Flemish logistics. During the launch event on June 23 at the Havenhuis in Antwerp, 85 participants demonstrated their commitment by signing the Green Deal.

Similar to other sectors, inland shipping faces a significant challenge: the implementation of sustainable transitions on the European, national, and regional levels. This entails reducing emissions, meeting climate and air quality targets, promoting sustainable mobility, and encouraging modal shift.

The ultimate objective is to achieve a zero-emission logistics sector, including zero-emission inland shipping by 2050. To achieve this, 15 strategic objectives have been defined in the areas of technology, financial solutions, policy, and implementation.

The signatories of the Green Deal Inland Shipping will be involved in all kinds of consultations, working groups and pilot projects in the coming years."In this way, we address societal environmental challenges by leveraging our region's strengths: innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, with solutions that are provided and supported by the entire inland shipping sector." said Flemish Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Lydia Peeters.

Cordeel Group has already incorporated inland shipping into its operations today

Annually, C-ground transports 150,000 – 200,000 tons of soil through waterways for their activities in Zutendaal. Additionally, ships are used to deliver sand and other raw materials to Temse, where they are utilized in Cordeel Group's precast concrete company, C-concrete.

Moreover, Cordeel Group uses waterway shipping to deliver certain materials directly to construction projects, avoiding road traffic and further promoting sustainable transport practices.


Read more about the Green Deal Inland Shipping (only available in Dutch).

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