Throwback to an amazing Spa  racing weekend!

On Friday July 28th, the spirit of unity and excitement brought us all together at Spa Francorchamps for an unforgettable experience! Some lucky employees from all companies of Cordeel Group were treated to an exclusive VIP arrangement.

Our VIP box, strategically positioned at the exhilarating Raidillon turn, provided an adrenaline-pumping view of the fastest and steepest corner on the circuit, guaranteeing countless thrilling moments.  

A friendly competition awaited with a race simulator that made us feel like we were right on the track, and with the thrilling sounds of the race happening just outside, the experience couldn't have felt more real!

Over the weekend, we continued to extend the good vibes to our valued customers, partners, and other business relations.  From delicious food and refreshing drinks in good company, everything came together to create memories that will last a lifetime, all while witnessing the breathtaking races on one of the world's most beautiful tracks.

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