Cordeel Group supports De Warmste Week

At Cordeel Group, we share the conviction that everyone deserves a childhood free from worries. To actively support this belief, we organized various initiatives to raise funds for 'De Warmste Week'. In total, we were able to collect an impressive 5830 euros, dedicated to backing projects that strive to create safer spaces for children and young individuals.

The Cordeel Steps Challenge

Collaborating with our partner Buddyfit, we orchestrated the Cordeel Steps Challenge throughout the month of December. The primary objective was clear: participants were challenged to achieve a minimum of 7,500 steps per day for 20 consecutive days, totaling 150,000 steps. For each successful completion of the challenge, a commendable 15 euros was directed towards De Warmste week. This initiative not only aids a noble cause but also encourages physical activity, bolsters team spirit, and enhances overall well-being in the workplace.

A noteworthy 167 colleagues embraced the challenge, with over half successfully completing the stipulated steps. Recognizing the significance of initiatives like De Warmste Week at Cordeel Group, we made the decision to contribute an additional 15 euros for every participant who did not reach the 150,000 steps milestone. In total, the funds raised through this initiative amounted to €2505, which has been entirely allocated to support De Warmste Week.

Charity Raffle

In continuation of our philanthropic efforts, we organized a charity raffle, mirroring a successful event from the previous year. All corporate gifts received by various entities within Cordeel Group throughout the year were thoughtfully collected and subsequently raffled off. Colleagues enthusiastically participated by purchasing tickets, and the proceeds from the raffle culminated in a significant contribution of €3325 for De Warmste Week.


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