Kortrijk Business Park project built with C-fast

This monumental office building, designed by POLO Architects, recently marks the head of the Benelux Park in Hoog Kortrijk.

Photo: Evenbeeld

The client wanted to build the 'office of the 21st century', not only in terms of appearance or way of working, but also in terms of construction method, sustainability and techniques. The entire building is constructed with a column grid of 8.10 x 8.10 metres. That made it interesting to work with the patented C-fast prefab system, which was developed by Cordeel. This system has the advantage that almost no beams are needed. Beam, column and slab form one flat unit.

The floor slabs are simply placed on the columns and walls and anchored with a special threaded rod connection. This allows the building to be simply dismantled after its life cycle. The prefabrication system also made it possible to significantly reduce construction costs.

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