New hall for steel bending and prefab activities

Cordeel renovates its own production facilities in Temse

We invested in a new 20,000 m² hall for our steel bending and prefab activities, including a concrete-mixing plant. Naturally, sustainability was an important consideration for this project. We can now process 40,000 m³ of concrete and 12,000 tonnes of steel at full capacity.

Project properties

Project name
Cordeel renovates its own production facilities in Temse
Frank Van Dyckelaan - Temse
Cordeel Zetel Temse
Logistics & Production
Crepain Binst Architecture

Concrete mixing plant

We can guarantee the quality and colour-fastness of our prefabricated concrete even better with our own concrete mixing plant. The plant is remotely controlled, automatically cleaned and has two planetary mixers, each with two release valves and a capacity of 3,000 litres. Thanks to a modern recycling installation, no wastewater is discharged. A conveyor belt with a capacity of 700 tonnes per hour facilitates the supply of sand and gravel by road and water. 

Prefabricated concrete

With installations already in place for the production of ‘linear elements’, exposed concrete and prefabricated walls, we added a robotised wall carousel for elements weighing up to 80 tonnes. In a fully-automated process, the wall carousel provides insulation, formwork and demoulding for the production of all types of walls: hollow, full, insulated, silex and structured. Coloured concrete elements or elements with a photo print and predalle slabs are also possible.

Steel cutting and bending plant 

The Schilt cutting line with double bending for bars up to a diameter of 40 mm is now fully automated. We have also expanded our steel cutting and bending plant with a mesh making machine equipped with two bending units for rolls with diameters of 6 to 16 metres.

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