Design and build project for chemical product storage

Distribution centre in Familleureux for Dow Chemical subsidiary

We designed and built a 36,000 m² energy-efficient distribution centre for Dow Corning, a subsidiary of the US Dow Chemical Group. Dow Corning aims to serve the whole of Europe and the Middle East from the centre in Familleureux, a district of Seneffe in Wallonia.

Project properties

Project name
Distribution centre in Familleureux for Dow Chemical subsidiary
Rue de Courrière - Familleureux
Dow Corning Europe
Logistics & Production
Cordeel Zetel Temse

Safety measures

The distribution centre, which will store chemical products, consists of 26,000 m² for dry goods, 7,000 m² for hazardous goods and 3,000 m² of office space. To ensure safety in the hazardous goods warehouse, we installed sprinklers not only in the ceiling but also in the racks. In addition, a large number of detectors have been installed that immediately activate a powerful ventilation system in the event of hazardous gases being released.