Brewery of the future for Palm

New CIP plant Palm Brewery

Palm Brewery (Swinkels Family Brewers) has been a regular client for maintenance work for many years. But lately, Palm is also increasingly commissioning larger projects. NLT-Pivaco won the tender for the installation of two new CIP systems (clean-in-place) in combination with two manifolds.

Hundreds of metres of pipework

Palm produces beers like Rodenbach, Estaminet and, of course, Palm. The smallest impurities or leftovers of another beer can change the taste of a brew. It is therefore vitally important for this well-known brewer to have clean machines and equipment. Installing the CIP systems and manifolds - one for the bottled line and one for the kegs - involved a couple of hundred metres of pipework.

Negligible loss of production time

NLT-Pivaco worked very efficiently and managed to install hundreds of metres of pipework in just five weeks without interrupting the production process. A flexible team was put together and downtime was limited to only two days in September and October 2018. This was all the downtime needed to complete all 16 switchovers.

Project properties

Project name
New CIP plant Palm Brewery
Brouwerij Palm
Logistics & Production
Type of contract
3 months

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