NLT-Pivaco installs new pipework and pipe bridge

Production expansion Remo-Frit

After Remo-Frit had built a new complex next to its existing plant, NLT-Pivaco was asked to not only install all the pipework in the new section but also to set up and isolate the connections between both buildings.

Comprehensive approach

NLT-Pivaco had devised an approach that would have minimal impact on Remo-Fit’s operations. This was one of the main reasons Remo-Frit chose the company to carry out the work. The project was divided into five phases with fixed deadlines. NLT-Pivaco put together a dedicated team for each phase, arranged supplies, monitored the budget and supervised a perfect finish.

Complicated water flows

The new complex processes 16 different products. Thanks to the pipework installed by NLT-Pivaco, water flows with various properties now circulate easily through the pipes: drinking water, steam, various sources of water for separate stages of the production process and several streams of wastewater. This ensures optimum environmental-friendly, energy-efficient processing.

Very limited space

Due to the very limited amount of space available, the pipe bridge that connects the new complex with the old plant perhaps presented the greatest challenge. However, thanks to the team's many years of experience, NLT-Pivaco managed to use the space to its full potential to install and insulate all the pipes. The team not only had an eye for a simplified assembly but also paid attention to an optimum positioning for branching off water to appliances.

Project properties

Project name
Production expansion Remo-Frit
Remo - Frit
Logistics & Production
Type of contract
6 months

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