Sustainable logistics centre


Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt was commissioned to build the new, sustainable logistics centre for GXO in Tongeren using energy-efficient techniques and renewable energies. The first phase of this project was designed as a Design & Build project of 20,000 m².

GXO is a global player in advanced supply chain solutions. The new building is 100% fossil-free, with no CO2 or nox emissions and aims for a Breaam 'Excellent' certification.

De prefab betonstructuur werd volledig in eigen huis gefabriceerd door C-concrete. Ook de poederblussers en veiligheidspictogrammen werden in-house, door C-fire voorzien.

The precast concrete structure was manufactured entirely in-house by C-concrete. The powder extinguishers and safety pictograms were also provided by a Cordeel Group company, C-fire.

Electrical power is provided by a PV system on the roof. 500 kWp solar panels were installed, which are also expandable into the next phase. The energy from the solar panels is used as much as possible in the own in-house building technologies, excess energy is buffered in a centrally located battery, provided by C-battery. Monitoring is done through a smart grid building management system.

Project properties

Project name
Michielenweg 2, 3700 Tongeren
Logistics & Production
Type of contract
DB (Design & Build)

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