Dungelhoeff public-private partnership

Redevelopment of the Dungelhoeff site

As part of a public-private partnership (PPP) with SOLAG, the municipal development corporation of the City of Lier, Cordeel undertook a redevelopment project on the site of the former ‘Dungelhoefkazerne’ barracks of the Royal Cadets School in Lier. This was a design and build project that we secured by competitive tender.
Dungelhoeffsite gebouw
Dungelhoeffsite gebouw

Project properties

Project name
Redevelopment of the Dungelhoeff site
Dungelhoeff site, 2500 Lier
Offices, Housing
Huiswerk Architecten, Met Zicht op Zee Architecten, Mys Architecten, Architects In Motion (AIM), Land in Zicht Architecten (Landschapsarchitect)

PPP development

The construction programme under the PPP involved the public area around Paradeplein, comprising a municipal office, a social centre and a public parking facility underneath the square. The development included the layout and landscaping of the site. We are also responsible for the long-term maintenance of the municipal office and the underground car park.

The private property component of the project mainly involved a residential complex with some 160 housing units, implemented in two phases, as well as a retirement home.

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